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Since 1990, Bob Babbitt, has been hosting a highly-acclaimed 

radio program and podcast 

showcasing the world’s best runners, triathletes, and cyclists - first with The Competitors and now with his new show, 

​Babbittville Radio

From developing partnerships and brand solutions, to being an engaging host or master of 

ceremonies, to being an entertaining speaker and storyteller, Bob and his Babbitt Media Group inspire, inform, and ignite, and can help you do the same.

Welcome to Babbitt Media Group

What We Do


For the past three decades Bob Babbitt has worked diligently to create unique and successful properties, and to grow the world of endurance sports. Along the way he also created opportunities, excitement, and exposure for national brands, athletes, and events. BMG is his latest creation, but the goal is the same as it has been from the very beginning: Grow the world of endurance and create value
for his partners.

There is a place where the ocean is warm and clear, the trails are soft and tree-lined, and the roads are newly paved and perfect for cycling. It's a place we like to call ​Babbittville, and it's your go-to place on the web for inspiration and information.